The Artsy Fartsy School Of Photography?

In the Beginner’s Digital Photography SIG we will not be discussing any style of photography; landscape, street, portrait, family, wedding, you get the idea. But we will be talking about organizing all your digital photos so that they will be easy to locate and use. No matter what kind of photography you enjoy we all need to know where those special photos of the grand kids are. This is where Picasa comes into your photography life.

So far the only generic name I have seen to describe those software applications that keep track of all your photos is Digital Photography Workflow.

Why Picasa to organize all my photos? For starters it’s free. And if you’ve never used any kind of digital photography workflow software why not learn what you like and dislike about this group of software applications for free and then if you want to spend far too much money for some other workflow app you will at least know what to look for.

The two most popular workflow apps is Adobe’s Lightroom and Apple’s Apeture. I don’t use Apple computers so I will not be saying anything good or bad about Apeture.

Adobe’s Lightroom comes in two flavors: PC and Apple. I currently have Lightroom 3 beta installed and I have been attempting to conquer this beast. More on Lightroom in future meetings.


The next three, maybe four, meetings we will spend talking about Picasa. This first meeting, March 7, 2010, we will do an overview of Picasa. Looking at the image organizer, the print section, and backup to CD or DVD, etc. With most of that time spent on installing and setting up Picasa.

Note: Google requires that you sign up for an email account before you can use most of the applications they provide. It’s free. Go to and sign up.

If you want to get a head start and install Picasa before the meeting please do. You can find the program at:

The web site will automatically identify the type of machine you have and put you on the proper page for downloading the program.

Once the program is installed you will need to organize all your picture folders in Picasa and this can be tricky. I say tricky because the first time you start Picasa it will start searching your entire hard drives, and I mean all of them, for images. I suggest you stop the setup (Use the ESC key.) and manually tell Picasa which folders you want to use and how you want them maintained.

To do this go to the Tools/Folder Manager . . . from the Menu bar and from the list of folders select the folders you will be using. Your choices are Remove from Picasa, Only Once, and Always Scan.

Don’t worry nothing gets deleted from your hard drives if you say Remove From Picasa. Also we will go through this procedure during the meeting. In fact we will probably spend most of the meeting just setting up Picasa. It’s important. Get it right the first time and life just got easier.

What Else?

Before we even begin with digital workflow apps I will introduce myself, give you a overview of my experiences with photography and NOCCC.

Next is two important things the digital camera makers never tell you.

Finally I will show you how I transfer my images from camera to computer, naming the images, folder organization, and examples using albums.

That’s it for now. See you Sunday.

About the Photo:

The photo was taken at Soka University in Aliso Viejo. I went over there to see the Mark Chamberlain show: Reflections by an Armchair Arteologist. The show is well worth seeing and you get the added benefit of a really interesting place to take photos. And the parking is free.

There is a word document online for the March Meeting: march 7, 2010

Once at the document you can download it to your computer.

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