NOCCC Celebrates Another Anniversary

The cake - it takes a licking and keeps on giving.

NOCCC Celeberates Another Anniversary

NOCCC Celeberates Another Anniversary

NOCCC, one of the oldest and continuous running computer clubs, celebrated it’s 34th anniversary. Jim Sanders, NOCCC President, not shown, cut the first piece of cake.

The meeting was also election day for officers and board members.

President: Jim Sanders
Vice President: Bob Dickson
Treasurer: John Heenan
Secretary: Ted Littman
Director: Steven Breitbart
Director: Tia Christian
Director: Mary Cornett
Director: Dallas Hazelton
Director: Ben Lochtenbergh
Director: Richard Miller
Director: Gerry Resch
Director: Jeff Stevens

Six appointed positions have volunteers:

Raffle Leader: Gerry Resch
Editor/Reviews Editor: Ted Littman
Programs/Speakers: Mary Cornett
Public Relations: Mary Cornett
Membership Chairman: Ben Lochtenbergh
Consignment Table: Richard Miller

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