SIG Report – January 2012

NOCCC Members Debate Everything

December 2011 Meeting Beginner’s Digital Photography SIG
SIG Leader: John Krill #3160

NEW Room Science 131A: We have moved our meeting location from Science 127 to Science 131A. To repeat we will be meeting in Science 131A from now on. Science 131A is next door to Science 127. Clear?

A Photo Shooting Holiday

Would anyone be interested in spending an hour or more walking the Chapman campus taking photos and talking about how we take pictures?

An Update On Buying A Digital Camera

One of the members e-mail me asking that I recommend a camera to him. He gave me a list of requirements for a camera and asked me to name a camera model. See last months report for the details.

The Update: Howard Phillips was the member who e-mailed me asking for suggestions for a new digital camera. So what did he buy? It was a Nikon 1 V1. He brought it to the meeting. It’s an impressive camera.

Now Howard has to show us some really great photos from the camera. You can do it Howard.

It should also be noted that another member brought in a new digital camera and it was the little brother to the Nikon 1 V1. It is the Nikon 1 J1. We think Nikon may have a hit on it’s hands. Both members really like their Nikon 1. I’m saving for mine (Nikon 1 V1.)

I’m Still Hoping That An Android Pad User Will Volunteer

I would like to demonstrate Adobe’s new Photoshop Touch App ( I will pay you to install the software App on your Android ($10.00). Any one interested?

The February Meeting

Part of the meeting we will continue viewing the instruction video that Larry was showing in this months Advance Digital Photography SIG merting.

We may also go outside and show some ways to take interesting pictures.

We may also touch on Photoshop Elements 10. I just recieved it and I still need a bit of time to get used to it.

Standard Stuff That Is Always In This Report

This report should be up on the SIG’s blog. I may go into greater detail and I will include screen shots as well.

If you have a special request for information regarding digital photography let me know. E-mail me using the address listed below.

Check out the SIG Blog for other information and maybe info on what we will discuss at the next meeting.

As always we will answer any and all questions.

If you have a special request for information regarding digital photography let me know. E-mail me using the address listed below.

We had 15 members at our SIG meeting.

See you at the next meeting.

Note: I am using a new Web location for the photos I take at the meeting. I now upload the photos I take to Microsoft SkyDrive. A link will be put here every month to the folder with that months photos.

SkyDrive Photos for the December 2011 Club Meeting:

PS: If you saw the actual link to the photos you would think it never ended. It’s the longest link I’ve ever had to deal with. Solution is the TinyURL web site. Give it a really long link and they give you a nice short one. That’s the link you see above.

SIG Blog:


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