May 2013 Beginning Digital Photography SIG Report

Pen and Tablet

SIG Leader: John Krill #3160

Windows 8

Is it two computers in one? Your traditional Intel based Windows and a version of Microsoft’s new OS, Windows RT, for their tablet and phone. Is Microsoft trying to sell its new OS, Windows RT, to the masses? Trying to convince us its OK to try something new?

Currently I use only two apps from the RT side – Twitter and Solitaire. Less often the Nook and Kindle readers. That’s it. I’m still a die hard Windows user. Love my desktop. Love the disappearing taskbar. And can’t get enough of Adobe Lightroom 4.3. And soon Adobe Lightroom 5 will be here.

Questions and Comments

Member Tip: Ever get your prints back from wherever you sent your pictures to be printed and can’t figure out what they’re from or who is on them? Well part of the solution is here right in your own backyard. It’s Costco. See Costco prints the image file name on the back of every print. So all you have to do is search for that image by file name and then you can probably figure out what they’re of. Repeat I said probably.

Keep bringing in your questions. It really is the fun part of being a SIG Leader – answering question.

The Real Advantages Of The Digital Age

Do I want to go back to the film days? Not on your life. Never happen. Build another wet darkroom? Nope. Make silver based black and white prints? I was a good production printer but if you needed a really fine archival print I wasn’t your boy. I think I only made 2 11X14 inch prints for myself ever. If you wanted to do 11×14 inch prints that meant getting bigger trays. You needed at least 4 trays. That meant you needed a bigger sink to hold the four bigger trays. With the bigger sink you now need a bigger darkroom. You getting the picture?

And that was just for making black and white prints. Color was a completely different picture. Starting with a special color enlarger. I’ll stop there.

Now in the digital age I make 13×19 inch color prints all the time. My darkroom? It’s in my computer plus a good photo-printer. The total cost of the computer with software plus the printer is much less than building a complete darkroom. It’s also cleaner and doesn’t smell.

I still like to produce black and white prints. Adobe made big improvements with Lightroom 4. Now I can make black and white prints from my color digital images that get very close to what I like to see in a black and white print.

In short digital is just plain fun.

Microsoft Surface Pro

The Surface Pro is the Windows version of the Surface. Now you can run your windows apps on the Surface. Apps like Adobe Lightroom. Cost for the Surface Pro, $899 with 64GB storage or $999 with 128GB storage, is a problem for me but maybe, just maybe.

To see what it’s all about just do a search for Microsoft Surface Pro

June Meeting

I’m considering a ‘Walk About.’ Didn’t I say that last month? Bring your camera and we’ll walk about and see what kind of picture taking problems we can find and maybe answer.

If you have specific picture taking problems then bring your camera and just maybe we can solve your problem.

Also we are going to have a ‘Guess Which Picture’ challenge.

Adobe Lightroom or A New SIG Maybe

I want to start a SIG for Adobe Lightroom. It will be at 12 Noon in Science 127. I plan to start at the very beginning and gradually go through the entire program in the coming months.

Or maybe only experienced Lightroom users will show up and we then can discuss just about anything related to Lightroom.

Or maybe it will be a little bit of both.

Sadly, for me, no one showed up for the May meeting. Maybe a little more publicity. Can’t give up yet.

If you’re interested in a Lightroom SIG then e-mail me at:

PS: I just realized that would mean TWO SIG reports.

Standard Stuff That Is Always In This Report

If you have a special request for information regarding digital photography let me know. E-mail me using the address listed below.

Check out the SIG BLog for other information and maybe info on what we will discuss at the next meeting.

As always we will answer any and all questions.

If you have a special request for information regarding digital photography let me know. E-mail me using the address listed below.

We had 6 members at our SIG meeting.

See you at the next meeting.

Note: I am using a new Web location for the photos I take at the meeting. I now upload the photos I take to Microsoft SkyDrive. A link will be put here every month to the folder location with the current month’s photos.

SkyDrive Photos for the May 2013 Club Meeting:



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