Adobe Announces Lightroom Mobile

Farmer's Market Food To Go.

First go to the Adobe blog and read about Lightroom Mobile. What it is. What and who can use it. And how much it cost. The posting will answer all those questions and probably more.

The Link>>Lightroom goes mobile with new iPad solution

Second visit the SIGs youtube Playlist. That’s easy to do. On the sidebar to the right is a group of links. Look for one titled: John’s YouTube Playlist. Click on it and the first 5 or six videos deal with Lightroom Mobile.

Okay that’s it. When and if they create a version for Android I may subscribe to the Photoshop/Lightroom Cloud.

Until then . . .

Note April 09, 2014: Many people complain about the cost, $10 a month, to get Photoshop and Lightroom and now Lightroom mobile. But consider this, Photoshop cost $650, Lightroom $150. Total equals $800. That’s 80 months or 6 years and 9 months for the cost of the non-cloud products.. Seems to me that just might be a REALLY good deal.

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