One Reason To Join NOCCC

Dell UltraSharp 17" Monitor

Dell UltraSharp 17″ Monitor

In the age of the tablet the laptop computer is turning into your basic desktop computer. My laptop rarely leaves the desk now that I have a Nexus 7″ tablet.

Now I have a not-so-new-but-terrific-anyway 17″ monitor.

At the May 2014 meeting of NOCCC there was a bunch of stuff going really cheap. The Dell 17″ monitor was one of those items. It cost me $5. Why? Because it didn’t come with the power adapter or DVI cable. I took the chance I could get an adapter on the Internet. So I hauled it home, got on Google and typed: Dell 17″ UltraSharp. The top item was for Amazon. Turns out you can buy a new power adapter for only $10. Done. Now I needed to get a cable that could go from HDMI to DVI. But first I needed to wait for the power adapter to make sure the thing would even power on.

As you can see from the photo the monitor works just fine. No software needed. The graphics utility that came with the Dell laptop was able to define the 17″ monitor as an extended desktop and using the Windows screen resolution utility I was able to max out the resolution on both screens. 1366×768 on the laptop and 1280×1024 on the external monitor.

So here’s the cost:

$5,00 Dell 17″ UltraSharp Monitor
$9.99 Power Adapter
$7.99 HDMI to DVI adapter
$9.99 DVI cable

And tax for Jerry Brown.

Total cost: $34.41

That’s one reason being a member of NOCCC pays off. $35 for a really spiffy monitor.

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