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SIG leader for the Beginner's Digital Photography SIG. This SIG is part of NOCCC. NOCCC meets once a month, usually the first Sunday, at Cha

NOCCC Celebrates Another Anniversary

The cake - it takes a licking and keeps on giving.

NOCCC Celeberates Another Anniversary

NOCCC Celeberates Another Anniversary

NOCCC, one of the oldest and continuous running computer clubs, celebrated it’s 34th anniversary. Jim Sanders, NOCCC President, not shown, cut the first piece of cake.

The meeting was also election day for officers and board members.

President: Jim Sanders
Vice President: Bob Dickson
Treasurer: John Heenan
Secretary: Ted Littman
Director: Steven Breitbart
Director: Tia Christian
Director: Mary Cornett
Director: Dallas Hazelton
Director: Ben Lochtenbergh
Director: Richard Miller
Director: Gerry Resch
Director: Jeff Stevens

Six appointed positions have volunteers:

Raffle Leader: Gerry Resch
Editor/Reviews Editor: Ted Littman
Programs/Speakers: Mary Cornett
Public Relations: Mary Cornett
Membership Chairman: Ben Lochtenbergh
Consignment Table: Richard Miller

NOCCC Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de mayo

NOCCC celebrates Cinco de Mayo

I Finally Got The Tail End! [Update]

As reported in today’s Beginner’s Digital Photography SIG meeting I told of my experience of trying to photograph the entire train and missing the last car. The Tail End.

Well I got it this time.

I was told by one train buff the the engineer that was behind the stick, so to speak, was traveling to fast yesterday and was told to take it easy going home.

The train was going at a much more leisurely speed today and it was much easier to get all the train cars.

I will be posting a Flash slide show later in the week. Stayed tuned.

[Update] I finally got the Flash Slide show done.

Click here to view Sunday’s trip through Orange, CA: www.photoessayist.com/pb/flash/santafe3751sunday/index.html

The Saturday trip through Santa Ana can be seen here: www.photoessayist.com/pb/flash/santafe3751/index.html

Santa Fe 3751

Santa Fe 3751

This is one of those projects that digital photography makes really easy and a lot of fun. A steam locomotive powered train was going from LA’s Union Station to San Diego as a fund raising ride. I set myself up at the 17th St crossing in Santa Ana and waited and waited and waited. I had other business in Santa Ana that morning so I was early. Having a McDonald’s right there was invaluable.

I got everything but the tail end of the last car. My camera just wasn’t up to the job but I really can’t blame the camera because I knew it would be tricky getting everything I wanted as the train traveled past us.

I’m going to try again on Sunday. After our SIG meeting I will go over to the tracks near Chapman University and see what I can get. You’re invited. Bring your camera.

A steam locomotive engine rolled down the tracks today. Santa Fe 3751 traveled from Los Angeles Union Station to San Diego. The classic steam was captured in Santa Ana at 17th St crossing.

Take a look: Click Here.

Here’s the story in the Los Angeles Times: Click Here.

The Santa Fe 3751 Web site: Click Here.

Beginner’s Digital Photography SIG: May 2, 2010 Meeting

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Two Digital Photo Organizers From Microsoft:

The first program is Windows Photo Gallery. This program comes with Vista and probably other Microsoft OSs. Don’t use it. It has limited functions and takes forever to start and apparently never gets rid of deleted folders and somehow removes them from the gallery only after the program has completely loaded all the good folders and photos. And it does this EVERY time it starts. Just forget it. I really don’t know what it is doing and frankly don’t care since I will never use it anyway.

The second Microsoft free photo organizer program is Windows Live Photo Gallery. This program is an improvement over plain old Photo Gallery but not by much. It will load faster and has much more functionality. The big advantage is it’s ability to upload photos to your Live Online Photo Gallery.

Before you can use this program you should first go to the Microsoft Live web site and sign-up for a Live account. With a Live account comes free e-mail and currently 25 GigaBytes of free online storage. 25 Gigabytes! Even I have a hard time with that number. You can store any type of file at Live including digital images.

Once you have an account you can download several free Microsoft Live applications, including Live Photo Gallery.

What’s Being Covered At The Meeting:

1. Any questions. Including using Picasa. Anything.

2. At the meeting I will show Windows Live Photo Gallery and go over the process of uploading photos to the Live online storage.

3. I will be shooting a special event being presented by the NY Times. I will show you what I shot and maybe the process of getting the photo uploaded to the Times.

4. Maybe show the photos of a steam engine train that traveled through Orange County Saturday morning on it’s way to San Diego. That’s a big MAYBE.

About the photo from the Book Festival:

I really think the LA Times puts in all those White roof tents and the very White flooring material is to really mess with us photographers. It really does cause big problems with exposures. You can’t get around it either.

The white flooring is also hard on the eyes. Easy on the grass below the flooring but not our eyes.

Crowds at the LA Times Festival of Books

Importing Pictures To Picasa

Picasa Import Pictures

Importing your photos from your camera is straight forward and limited in what it can do. You can select a directory where ALL your imports will go to and you can select a directory (Folder) where the current import will go. But you can’t rename the images. Whatever name your camera gives the images will be the name used when the photos are imported via Picasa.

Instead of going through the process I will just direct you to the location in Picasa help where you can get instructions for the import. I do this because it’s jest easier for me and also because you as a users of any application should get used to that application’s Help.

So to get help with an import go to the Help menu on the menu bar and select ‘Help Contents and Index.‘ Under ‘Getting Started with Picasa‘ select ‘Importing Pictures.’ From the Importing Pictures page select ‘Add New Photos.’

While you’re at the Help site for Picasa browse through it and get used to what’s there.

The best way to learn is to just do it. Mistakes happen. Learn from them.

Remember Photography is fun and Digital Photography is pure fun.

We’ll go over the Import at the meeting.

Sensor Names Not Equal In Size

The illustration below was copied from the magazine Black + White Photography, January 2010, page 50. I felt is was important enough to copy because it shows the relative sizes of the current crop of sensors.

The two important sizes are the Nikon, Pentax, and Sony APS-C and the Canon APS-C. The companies named their sensor the same but they are not equal.

Nikon, Pentax, Sony APS-C: 23.6 x 15.7mm (1.5x crop) sensor area; 370.52 mm^2

Canon APS-C: 22.2 x 14.8mm (1.6x crop) sensor area: 328.56 mm^2

Just thought you should know.

Relative Sensor Sizes

Relative sensor size of most common sensors on the market.