Lightroom Develop Module

Note: I am now trying to start an Adobe Lightroom SIG. Since I have an existing BLog for the Beginning Digital Photography SIG I will be using this BLOG for both SIGs. SIG leader John Krill 3160.

The primary module of Lightroom is the Library. You will live or die by how well you use this module. But for the individual picture the Develop module is its master. The problem is this is the place we all are probably the weakest in skill. Where to start in learning the Develop module is a good overall tutorial from someone who is well verse in the product and is a good speaker. I don’t know how many of these online video lectures I’ve watched that ends up being a disorganized presentation is far to many too count.

Then there is Tim Grey. His presentation on the Develop module, Optimizing Photos in Lightroom, from B&H Photo Video is the first video I have seen that explains what is available in the Develop module and how to use it tops anything I’ve seen to date.

I’ve embedded the video here but you can also watch it on Youtube.