Agenda For The April 2013 Meeting


Curves Included

What’s Up With This Sunday’s Meeting

by John Krill NOCCC 3160

I had to purchase a new Laptop after last months meeting. My choice was another Dell Inspiron 15. 64 bit. 4GB memory. 500GB storage. Windows 8. $400.00. Added another 4GB of memory. Nice machine.

It’s taken a while to get used to Windows 8 but it’s an alright OS. Yes the new Start Screen is weird but you can get used to it. Kinda.


Not problem per say but with these new machines you no longer have a VGA port. Only output for video is HDMI. This means I either need to get a comverter to go from HDMI to VGA or we find a projector with HDMI or maybe USB input. So for the meeting we may spend some time just getting the laptop and projector working together. We may use one of the club’s projectors.

What’s on the agenda?

Maybe we will talk about Windows 8. There are some interesting utilities with Windows 8. I may also cover some of the quirks of the OS. For starters you may want to look at the two previous posts on this blog. Their both on Windows 8.

As always we try to answer your photography questions.


I was going to start a new SIG this month covering Adobe Lightroom. It was planned for a Noon meeting time in Science 127.

Can’t do it this month. Family business has forced me to leave after the Beginning Digital Photography SIG.

So maybe some Lightroom near the end of the Beginning Digital Photography SIG.

See you at 9AM.