Two eBooks Worth A Look

Going Candid

Going Candid by Thomas Leuthard

First they’re free. Second they’re not bad. The first ‘Going Candid, An Unorthodox approach to Street Photography‘ by Thomas Leuthard gives you an excellent look at someone who really enjoys candid photography. So take a look. You just might learn something.

I really like the fact that the photographer/author uses Candid and not Street to describe his photography. Because Street photography is just a subset of Candid photography. The problem comes when someone asks you what you do and you reply: “I’m a candid photographer.” It lacks drama. So we say Street Photographer.

The second eBook is ‘Collecting Souls, What Street Photography means to me.’ The author, Thomas Leuthard, with this second book the photographer/author gets more personal about his work.

The link to both books  is: