It Sure Is Getting Cloudy Around Here

Cloud Hunters

Cloud Hunters

by John S. Krill 3160 NOCCC
Beginning Digital Photography SIG Leader

It seems that every time I install a program or get an account online I’m offered free online, or cloud, storage.  For me it totals 25 GBytes of cloud storage. And that’s using a single account at each location. And it’s all free.

I don’t use cloud storage for file backup. It’s primary usage is to share my photos and documents with others.

Lets list what I have in cloud storage and what I get for free.

  • Amazon Cloud Storage, 5 GBytes Free.
  • Microsoft SkyDrive, 7 GBytes Free.
  • Google Drive, 5 GBytes Free
  • Google+, 5 GBytes Free.
  • Adobe Online Storage, 2 GBytes Free.

It should be noted that all this free storage is a floating situation. What I mean is what you get for free at these locations is in constant flux. For example Microsoft SkyDrive was 15 GBytes and has been shrinking since I first signed up for an Hotmail/Live account. Google Drive was 10 GBytes and Google+ was 2 GBytes. Both are now 5 GBytes.

More than one account. At Microsoft Live I have more than one account. Though one is for my NOCCC photos and the other is my only personal account. But still I use both accounts to store pictures. I think I have 5 accounts at Google with one being the NOCCC e-mail account for my Photo SIG. At Google Drive and Google+ I use only one personal account.

Which of these I actually use varies. At Microsoft Live I use both accounts. And for all you Microsoft haters I actually like their could storage the best.  Not just it’s size but how you can assign sharing for what you store there. It’s very flexible. Google+ is the fun one. I enjoy how I can display photos. It’s sharing right is basic but it works. Now that Google+ maximum free storage has been increased from 2 GBytes to 5 GBytes is a big plus what with the file size of photos these days.

Automatic upload. Both Amazon Cloud Storage and Google Drive use automatic upload of files. Save a file to their special folders and the file will be uploaded automatically. Correction: Microsoft SkyDrive also has automatic upload but I haven’t used it. Yet.

What I don’t use. Adobe.

I’m considering doing a more detailed review of all these cloud services. So stay tuned.

More clouds on the way. I’m sure there are more free online storage sites out there. What are you using and what’s your opinion?