Important Note From Jim Sanders

Dear NOCCC Members,

This years club election will be held this Sunday, June 1st.

Only those members who are present at the meeting may vote.

As of this date we have no candidates for President or Vice President. Don Armstrong, your current President, will not take a second term.

If someone does not volunteer for each of those positions at the meeting, the future of the club becomes rather tenuous. If you care about having the club continue, think about volunteering. If you want to talk about it, call me, Jim Sanders, 714-544-3589.

We also need one volunteer to fill the 8th Board of Directors position.

As an active member of the club since it was founded 36 years ago, I would hate to see the club flounder, but it may. Too few people have been carrying the load for too long of a time. Think about it!

Best Regards,

Jim Sanders