NOCCC On Facebook

NOCCC on Facebook

I have been working on a NOCCC page at my personal Facdebook account. Facebook calls them Pages and you can do a lot with them. I’m still learning. I have a link to my NOCCC page on the this Blogs sidebar under the Primary menu.

This hasn’t been an easy project. Certain versions of Facebook just don’t work as advertised. Currently I have to use the version you use in a Web Browser. If you are a Facebook user and want to create Pages or you have created Pages I sure would like to know your experiences.

Suggestions as to what to put up at the NOCCC Facebook page are welcomed and wanted.

PS: If you examine the URL for the NOCCC Facebook page you’ll see it’s the COMPLETE name. NOCCC is already taken. I think it’s the same as ours but the second ‘C’ is for Christian.

Please tell what you think.