Our Next SIG Meeting: October 2, 2011

New Cafeteria at Chapman University

New Cafeteria at Chapman University

Important: Our meeting room for the Beginning Photo SIG has been moved from Science 127 to Science 131A.

What do you think of the chair color? A little weird.

Don’t know yet what the main subject for our SIG meeting will be. Will update this post when I figure it out.

[Update #1: One subject could be titled: I’ve just got a new camera and my current image editor doesn’t support it. What do I do?]

[Update #2: One method for determining your likes and dislikes in photographs: Six Categories of Snap Criticism]

[Update #3: Never run your camera the way this fellow is doing. Look at the info on the camera’s LCD screen and you will see what I’m talking about. Nikon D5100 Hands-on Preview ]

If you didn’t get Jim’s e-mail for the meeting here’s the info on the main meeting speaker:

A presentation/discussion by Krish Krishnamurthy will start with a definition/description of cloud computing, its components and how people and companies use it and its impact on our lifestyle.

Some of the examples include:

  • Keeping track of your records from anywhere (Ex: Banking, Quicken for home finances).
  • Helping sales reps to track their sales cycle and collaborate with their team across the globe
  • Helping local restaurateurs market their wares efficiently.
  • Improving home security.
  • Aiding children learn to read.

At the end of this discussion, you should have an understanding of the various uses for cloud / mobile and social computing. Krish Krishnamurthy is with Siemens in Cypress, CA. Krish specializes in helping companies develop new products using collaborative processes and tools to reduce their cycle time at increased quality. In this capacity, he has worked with many companies both in the US and abroad, helping engineers, designers, analysts, and configuration and program management personnel collaborate effectively. He has graduate degrees in Chemical Engineering and Management from U. of Massachusetts.

Also the big prize is:

Complete XP P4 computer system from Omni Technics, Inc. NOCCC’s e-waste partner.