July 2013 Beginning Digital Photography SIG Report

SIG Leader: John Krill #3160

It was a small group that met this Sunday. I suspect the reason was the July 4th was a long weekend.

One question I couldn’t answer was: Can you arrange your images in the order you want for a Slideshow? Will have to look into this and put up an answer on the SIG Blog: nocccbgphotosig.wordpress.com.

Lightroom 5 (LR5)

There is one really cool new tool in LR5. It’s a new version of perspective correction. I demonstrated what this tool could do on one of my own photos. In previous versions of LR you need to use the manual mode to correct for any distortions in the image. You still can manually correct distortation  in LR5 but always try the AUTO mode first.

The best way to see what’s new in LR5 go to Adobe and examine the videos for LR5. A good starting point at Adobe is: http://tinyurl.com/l9mpvlf.

LR5 Lens and Perspective Adjustment Before and After Using The Auto Mode

RAW Image Before Perspective Correction

Image After Using Auto Mode

Notice there is some cropping. I’ve set LR5 to automatically crop the image (Constrain Crop) to eliminate white space.

The New Flickr

Because of the small size of the group I didn’t go to deeply into Flickr but because of the amount of storage now available, one terabyte, this may be a good place to store your photos. In August I will go deeper into Flickr’s possibilities.

Questions and Comments

Touch Screen Laptops

It was good to see someone at the club WANTED a laptop with the touch screen option. Only problem was he wants a laptop with a 17” screen and Dell didn’t have the Touch option for the 17” laptop.

Keep bringing in your questions. It really is the fun part of being a SIG Leader – answering question.

August Meeting

We will continue to take a look at Flickr. It’s changed but are the changes an improvement?

I still want to do a ‘Walk About.’ Didn’t I say that last month? Bring your camera and we’ll walk about and see what kind of picture taking problems we can find and maybe answer.

If you have specific picture taking problems then bring your camera and just maybe we can solve your problem.

Adobe Lightroom or A New SIG Maybe

I got so wrapped up in the Print Test that I forgot all about trying to start a new Lightroom SIG. No one showed up at Irvine Hall and complained about the lack of a meeting. So what follows is just a repeat of last month. I STILL want to try and get some kind of Lightroom SIG.

It will be at 12 Noon in Science 131. I plan to start at the very beginning and gradually go through the entire program in the coming months.

Note: I’ve changed the room location to Science 131. Since both photo SIGs meet in this room I’ve decided to add Lightroom to the list.

Or maybe only experienced Lightroom users will show up and we then can discuss just about anything related to Lightroom.

Or maybe it will be a little bit of both.

Sadly, for me, no one showed up for the July meeting. Maybe a little more publicity will help. Can’t give up yet.

If you’re interested in a Lightroom SIG then e-mail me at: noccc.bgphotosig@gmail.com

Standard Stuff That Is Always In This Report

If you have a special request for information regarding digital photography let me know. E-mail me using the address listed below.

Check out the SIG BLog for other information and maybe info on what we will discuss at the next meeting.

As always we will answer any and all questions.

If you have a special request for information regarding digital photography let me know. E-mail me using the address listed below.

We had 2 members at our SIG meeting.

See you at the next meeting.

Note: I am using a new Web location for the photos I take at the meeting. I now upload the photos I take to Microsoft SkyDrive. A link will be put here every month to the folder location with the current month’s photos.

SkyDrive Photos for the July 2013 Club Meeting: http://sdrv.ms/13v7P63.

Flickr Photos for July 2013 Club Meeting: http://tinyurl.com/m9nxh9x.

SIG BLog: https://nocccbgphotosig.wordpress.com/

Email: noccc.bgphotosig@gmail.com