Importing Pictures To Picasa

Picasa Import Pictures

Importing your photos from your camera is straight forward and limited in what it can do. You can select a directory where ALL your imports will go to and you can select a directory (Folder) where the current import will go. But you can’t rename the images. Whatever name your camera gives the images will be the name used when the photos are imported via Picasa.

Instead of going through the process I will just direct you to the location in Picasa help where you can get instructions for the import. I do this because it’s jest easier for me and also because you as a users of any application should get used to that application’s Help.

So to get help with an import go to the Help menu on the menu bar and select ‘Help Contents and Index.‘ Under ‘Getting Started with Picasa‘ select ‘Importing Pictures.’ From the Importing Pictures page select ‘Add New Photos.’

While you’re at the Help site for Picasa browse through it and get used to what’s there.

The best way to learn is to just do it. Mistakes happen. Learn from them.

Remember Photography is fun and Digital Photography is pure fun.

We’ll go over the Import at the meeting.