I Finally Got The Tail End! [Update]

As reported in today’s Beginner’s Digital Photography SIG meeting I told of my experience of trying to photograph the entire train and missing the last car. The Tail End.

Well I got it this time.

I was told by one train buff the the engineer that was behind the stick, so to speak, was traveling to fast yesterday and was told to take it easy going home.

The train was going at a much more leisurely speed today and it was much easier to get all the train cars.

I will be posting a Flash slide show later in the week. Stayed tuned.

[Update] I finally got the Flash Slide show done.

Click here to view Sunday’s trip through Orange, CA: www.photoessayist.com/pb/flash/santafe3751sunday/index.html

The Saturday trip through Santa Ana can be seen here: www.photoessayist.com/pb/flash/santafe3751/index.html

Santa Fe 3751

Santa Fe 3751

This is one of those projects that digital photography makes really easy and a lot of fun. A steam locomotive powered train was going from LA’s Union Station to San Diego as a fund raising ride. I set myself up at the 17th St crossing in Santa Ana and waited and waited and waited. I had other business in Santa Ana that morning so I was early. Having a McDonald’s right there was invaluable.

I got everything but the tail end of the last car. My camera just wasn’t up to the job but I really can’t blame the camera because I knew it would be tricky getting everything I wanted as the train traveled past us.

I’m going to try again on Sunday. After our SIG meeting I will go over to the tracks near Chapman University and see what I can get. You’re invited. Bring your camera.

A steam locomotive engine rolled down the tracks today. Santa Fe 3751 traveled from Los Angeles Union Station to San Diego. The classic steam was captured in Santa Ana at 17th St crossing.

Take a look: Click Here.

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The Santa Fe 3751 Web site: Click Here.