Sensor Size And Mirrorless Cameras

Sensor Size

This is the second time I’ve put up a chart of various sensor sizes. I stole this one from a new site by Thom Hogan. It’s called byThom sans Mirror.

Covering the new breed of interchangeable lens cameras: m4/3, NEX, NX, and Nikon 1

Many camera owners weather they’re Point-and-Shooters or Digital SLR owners have been considering one of the cameras in this category but for very different reasons.

So head over to the site and take a look. You just may find a camera that fits your needs. If you already know what you want head over anyway just to get a very knowledgeable person’s opinion.

Sensor Names Not Equal In Size

The illustration below was copied from the magazine Black + White Photography, January 2010, page 50. I felt is was important enough to copy because it shows the relative sizes of the current crop of sensors.

The two important sizes are the Nikon, Pentax, and Sony APS-C and the Canon APS-C. The companies named their sensor the same but they are not equal.

Nikon, Pentax, Sony APS-C: 23.6 x 15.7mm (1.5x crop) sensor area; 370.52 mm^2

Canon APS-C: 22.2 x 14.8mm (1.6x crop) sensor area: 328.56 mm^2

Just thought you should know.

Relative Sensor Sizes

Relative sensor size of most common sensors on the market.