The Silly Secret Of Windows 8


So what is the silly  secret of Windows 8? First a story.

Above is the look of the new Start Menu. No more Start button. Is it better? Not really. You can’t get to the Control Panel from here. You can’t get to printers from here. You can’t go directly to you user root directory, or the Pictures directory, or the Documents directory form here.

You can start programs from here if you can remember what silly square to use. And the silly squares move around in a fashion that is just plan weird. Try moving one of those squares to exactly where you want it. Good luck with that.

And now we have the Charm menus. Charm????

In short what could be reached from the old Start menu requires you to remember if it is the new Start menu or one of the Charm menus. Charming. Or maybe on the All Apps page. And then you have to remember, or discover, the trick to get to the All Apps page. Tricky.

And this is just the beginning of all my complaints about Windows 8 and to top it off I LIKE IT!

So back to the silly secret. Microsoft says that the new Start Menu in Windows 8 is to make ALL of Microsoft OSs look alike. OK I’ll kinda buy that except for one thing, the silly secret.

Here’s the silly secret: The Windows Operating System no longer has productivity has it Number One priority. So what is Priority Number ONE?

The silly secret is now Priority ONE: The Operating System as a Market Place. Sell, baby sell! Then sell some more. All those Apps. All those Games too. You name it you can buy it right from the Windows Store. Yup there is a Windows Store app. And Games Store App too. Maybe more stores are hidden in the Start menu if only it will stop moving things around.

The Marketing arm of Microsoft INC has finally, and completely taken CONTROL

If I’m right then they should give away the OS and make all their profits on Apps.