It’s A Phone With A 1″ Sensor and Leica Lens. For Real!

Panasonic Packs a Whopping 1-Inch Sensor and Leica Lens In Its Lumix CM1 Smartphone!

CM1It’s an Android smartphone with a really cool camera. It’s aoly available in Germany and France so as always we wait, and wait, and wait.

OK Nikon and Canon lets get your act together and gives us something similar but better. Right? Better?

Here’s the story

Just What Defines A Camera?

Here’s an article at the Digital Photography Review website on Smartphones and how they’re changing everything.

Will I start using a Smartphone?

  • First I have to buy a Smartphone.
  • Next decide on a service. Or do I decide the service and buy the Smartphone they tell me to?
  • Now I need a place in the cloud to put those pictures.

No forget it. It took me too long just too figure out my $800 digital camera. What with the initial cost of the smartphone and then the on-going monthly costs of using it. Just seems a waste.

I’d rather spend the money on making prints.

If I did get a Smartphone to take photos then this quote from the article explains why:

We’re not all professional photojournalists working in warzones of course, but wherever you are, you might sympathise with Winter’s argument that sometimes snapping pictures with a smartphone is much morepractical than it would be with a DSLR. A common complaint amongst photographers all over the world, peaceful and war-torn alike is that police and security officials, as well as ordinary people regard them and their equipment at best with suspicion, and sometimes with open aggression. In this environment, the cameraphone comes into its own. Small, discrete and connected, it can send photos and video around the world in seconds, from places where pulling out a DSLR or compact camera might just create unwarranted attention.

Not that I can understand.