August 2013 Meeting Beginner’s Digital Photography SIG

SIG Leader: John Krill #3160

We had 8 members at the meeting.

Nexus 7 Table

I brought my new Nexus 7 tablet and spent most of the meeting showing what this 7” tablet could do.

My main point was you didn’t need any extra editing apps because the editor that is part of Android was actually better than most of the photo editors I installed and then deleted.

I even edited the photos using the basic editor and then opened Instagram and formatted them for their service. All images in Instagram are square.

Only negative I have with the Nexus 7 tablet was the location of the shutter button for the camera. I’ll explain this in a future article.

Questions and Comments

LR: Changing The Order Of Images In A Collection

Explained how you can move images around with a collections so you and put the images in an order that you require. Hold the mouse pointer down over an image and drag it to the position you want it.

Show how you can copy or backup images and then when needed to have LR used those images instead of the originals. Close LR. Rename the original images, or just move them. Open LR and use the Find command to show LR where you moved the images.


I post all the images at Flickr at the highest possible size. If you want to download an image but at a smaller size then click on an image you want and down at the bottom right you will see 3 colored dots. Click the dots and select ‘View Image Size’ You will now be able to download any size you want.

Keep bringing in your questions. It really is the fun part of being a SIG Leader – answering question.

September Meeting

Important: I will not be attending the September meeting. There still will be a meeting but without me. See you at the October meeting.

October Meeting

New Toy? I may have another new toy to show at the October meeting. Not going to tell you what it is. You just have to show up at the meeting to find out.

We will continue to take a look at Flickr and Lightroom. There has been improvements to both applications and there are worth looking at.

I still want to do a ‘Walk About.’ Didn’t I say that last month? Bring your camera and we’ll walk about and see what kind of picture taking problems we can find and maybe answer.

If you have specific picture taking problems then bring your camera and just maybe we can solve your problem.

Standard Stuff That Is Always In This Report

If you have a special request for information regarding digital photography let me know. E-mail me using the address listed below.

Check out the SIG BLog for other information and maybe info on what we will discuss at the next meeting.

As always we will answer any and all questions.

If you have a special request for information regarding digital photography let me know. E-mail me using the address listed below.

See you at the next meeting.

Note: I am using a new Web location for the photos I take at the meeting. I now upload the photos I take to Microsoft SkyDrive and Flickr. A link will be put here every month to the folder location with the current month’s photos.

SkyDrive Photos for the July 2013 Club Meeting:

Flickr Photos for July 2013 Club Meeting: