What’s With The NOCCC Web Site And Orange Bytes?

It appears that the official NOCCC web site is not be maintained. Nothing has been changed since April 2014. If anything has been added since then it’s not apparent to me. This is a problem because there is no paper version of the Orange Bytes.

The Orange Byte is our monthly newsletter. It stopped publishing several months ago. So no information about the SIGs. No information about meeting dates. It was reported at our last meeting that a smaller Orange Bytes would be printed and sent out prior to the July 2014 meeting. Maybe.

The big problem with no paper Orange Bytes and the web site not getting updated means no one knows when the July meeting will be. No dates for future meetings have been posted.

After sending in my SIG report and uploading the pictures from the June meeting I have heard nothing. I have no idea if anyone is doing anything with the Bytes or the web site.

If this continues and no dates are set for future meetings I will just stay home.

PS: It is apparent that all I have done with this post is yell into a dry water well.

Is The Smartphone Your Next Computer?

Smartphones as Computers

Ben Lochtenbergh talks about smartphones as computers.

To Ben Lochtenbergh the smartphone is more than a fancy phone with the ability to access your e-mail and explore the Internet. It’s a small computer.

The Smartphone is the result of the natural progression form the Main Frame Computer to Mini-Computer to the Personal Computers and now the Smartphone. They’re all general purpose computational devices.

Ben predicts the next progression will be a computer on your wrist. Not a watch but a computer.

Ben is a Director of NOCCC.

Ted Littman Orange Bytes Editor

Ted Littman, Orange Bytes Editor

Ted Littman, Orange Bytes Editor

Jim Sanders Our President

Jim Sanders, President

Jim Sanders, President