The Fastest Memory Cards Money Can Buy


This is another article from B&H Photo Video superstore. It’s the third time that they have explained the difference between the various memory cards used in our digital cameras.

One item you should remember is what the different speed indicators mean. Because one refers to the short burst speed of the memory card and the other refers to the continuous read/write speed of the card. If you are using your camera to create movies then the continuous read/write speed is the important specification.

Here’s the link: The Fastest Memory Cards Money Can Buy

What Do All The Letters And Numbers Mean?


B&H Camera and Video has explained these numbers and letters in the past but it is always good to get a different point of view so here is another explanation of all the printed gook on our camera’s memory cards.

The Numbers on Your Memory Card Explained

Memory Cards – What Do All The Numbers & Letters Mean

TS_MEMORY-CARDSMystery solved. I’ve always wanted to know what all the numbers and letters meant on the face of SD and other memory cards. Thanks to B&H Photo Video I now have a much better appreciation of what I’ve already purchased and, of course, what I need to know for future purchases.

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